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Top Gifts for this valentines day 2019!

“My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite”  – Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu.

A special for all lovers around the world, an unique day for embraces their love and affection.

A Valentine’s Day offers lovers many ways to express their sensations. Possibly, one of these will stimulate you. Several people around the world have a good time in Valentine’s Day by presenting appreciation for the people they love or admire.  Most of the people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant though others may choose this day to propose or get married.

Whether you’re freshly dating, have been together for fairly some time, or have even tied to knot, we’ve found an selection of gift ideas all across the panel. Keep scrolling to get those gift benevolent juices flowing, and you might even find the perfect one for that lucky someone.

Lilone Happy Valentine Day Heart Printed Led Wine Bottle Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend / Husband.


Aica Designer Romantic Valentine Love Couple Statue Showpiece Gifts


Share Your Love This Valentine’s Day with A Precious gifts!

Kids Books

The Best Seven Books for Kids – 2019!

The Best Seven Books for Kids – 2019!

As the year of 2018 about to finish, lets think about the 2019. There are enormous number of books for kids to nourish their knowledge more and more.

Here are some of the best 7 books recommended for kids in the year of 2019!

1.General Knowledge 2019

Sound General Knowledge of all major events, ideas and advancements of the mankind has become indispensable for easy living and also compulsory for all major competitive entrances, recruitment, interviews and group discussions. On the prerequisites, one needs to be on mark with multi disciplinary information to give a cutting edge in preparation of most scoring section of the exam. General Knowledge 2019 extensively covers the integral information in broad spectrum to help students shape their preparation for upcoming exams like SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, NDA/CDS and Others. Besides significant current affairs the book provides subject wise coverage of relevant factual information divided in 6 sections. Incorporated with well Illustrated Figures, Graphics and Tables to facilitate easy retention the book ensures authenticity in a point wise sequence under logical topic heads. All in all, present book will prove to be beneficial for the preparation of Written Exams as well as Group Discussions and Interviews in short span of time.

Table of Contents
Current Affairs
Indian History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science, General Knowledge.

2.National Geographic Kids Infopedia 2019 (Infopedia)

The world’s best-selling almanac for kids is back and in demand! This year’s includes the latest information about what’s new and newsy in our world, special dates to anticipate, fresh features, and much more.

It’s packed with incredible photos; tons of fun facts, crafts, and activities; and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, and more. New features include an updated “Fun and Games” chapter filled with all-new games, jokes, and comics; all new weird-but-true facts, crafts, and activities; “19 Facts for 2019” feature in every chapter; updated reference material; and much more.

3. National Geographic Almanac 2019: Hot New Science – Incredible Photographs – Maps, Facts, Infographics & More

A one-of-a-kind annual featuring surprising facts, stunning color photos, arresting infographics, and illuminating maps that present the world in a whole new way.

An almanac like you’ve never seen before, this arresting volume features key information on science, nature, history, and geography, spiked with cutting-edge ideas and spectacular visuals. Discover features that only National Geographic can deliver, including exquisite photography, explanatory infographics, illustrated timelines, and maps created by expert cartographers.

Chapters include Exploration & Adventure, This Planet & Beyond, Life on Earth, and The Science of Us; featured topics range from the polar jet stream and how chameleons change colors to the world’s biggest cities and the science of addiction. It includes top travel trends, new explorations, and recent discoveries, as well as fascinating trivia. Enlightening for young and old, exquisitely designed, each page of this special almanac reveals something new about today’s world.

4. Python For Kids For Dummies

The kid–friendly way to learning coding with Python

Calling all wanna–be coders! Experts point to Python as one of the best languages to start with when you′re learning coding, and Python For Kids For Dummies makes it easier than ever. Packed with approachable, bite–sized projects that won′t make you lose your cool, this fun and friendly guide teaches the basics of coding with Python in a language you can understand. In no time, you′ll be installing Python tools, creating guessing games, building a geek speak translator, making a trivia game, constructing a Minecraft chat client, and so much more.

Whether you don′t have the opportunity to take coding classes at school or in camp―or just simply prefer to learn on your own―Python For Kids For Dummies makes getting acquainted with this popular coding language fast and easy. It walks you step–by–step through basic coding projects and provides lots of hands–on tasks that give you a sweet sense of accomplishment when you complete them. What′s not to love about that?

  • Navigate the basics of coding with the Python language
  • Create your own applications and games
  • Find help from other Python users
  • Expand your technology skills with Python

If you′re a pre–to–early–teen looking to add coding skills to your creativity toolbox, Python For Kids For Dummies is your sure–fire weapon for getting up and running with one of the hottest programming languages around.

5. Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!: The Universe as You’ve Never Seen it Before

This space encyclopedia for children is packed with amazing facts and mind-blowing images of the wonders of the solar system and beyond – from black holes and the big bang to supernovas and comets.

Incredible cross-sections and lifelike cutaways created with ground-breaking CGI imagery reveal the inner workings of moons, planets, stars, space stations, rockets, and space suits.

Bursting with up-to-date facts, infographics, and the latest NASA images, Knowledge Encyclopedia Space is sure to enthral and inform readers of all ages. Every topic is covered in depth and detail while remaining easy to understand at a glance.

6. What’s Where on Earth? Atlas: The World as You’ve Never Seen It Before! 

Much more than just a book of maps, What’s Where on Earth? Atlas brings our amazing world to life in 3-D.

What’s Where on Earth? Atlas is like no other atlas you have ever seen. With its specially commissioned 3-D maps and artworks, it will take you on a continent-by-continent tour of the world. Themed maps for each continent, on topics such as major geographical features, cities and monuments, population, and wildlife, explore the world in incredible detail.

What’s Where on Earth? Atlas is the perfect gift and home reference for any child aged between 8 and 11 with an interest in the world around them.

7. Guinness World Records 2019

The world’s most popular record book is back with thousands of new categories and newly broken records, covering everything from outer space to sporting greats via Instagram, fidget spinners and all manner of human marvels. Inside you’ll find hundreds of never-before-seen photographs and countless facts, figures, stats and trivia waiting for you on every action-packed page. Guinness World Records 2019 is the ultimate snapshot of our world today. Plus, this year we celebrate the incredible “Maker” movement with a special feature devoted to the inventors, dreamers, crafters and creators who devote their lives to amazing record-breaking projects such as the largest water pistol, a jet-powered go-kart and an elephant-sized hamburger (think you could eat a whole one!?). We take a sneak peek into their workshops to explore these epically big builds and ask them what inspires them to go really, really large! And if you like creating and you like LEGO, then you’ll love our “Making History” pages that use the world’s most famous interlocking plastic bricks to illustrate and explain an important record-breaking object – such as the Statue of Liberty or the Apollo mission’s Saturn V rocket. We examine their designs, structure and technical specifications in fully illustrated and colourful, poster-style pages. Finally, you can jump into both the making and record-breaking action with a “Do Try This At Home” section. Challenge yourself and your family with five fun record-breaking maker-inspired records you can attempt involving origami, balloon sculptures, ring pulls and rubber bands. Who knows, your creation might just make it into the record books!

Start buy these books and nurture your mind by reading it.


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The Girl in Room 105!

“The Girl in Room 105” A Great Thriller book to read!

A Thriller about obsessive love and finding purpose in life.

Hi, I’m Keshav, and my life is screwed. I hate my job and my girlfriend left me. Ah, the beautiful Zara. Zara is from Kashmir. She is a Muslim. And did I tell you my family is a bit, well, traditional? Anyway, leave that.Zara and I broke up four years ago. She moved on in life. I didn’t. I drank every night to forget her. I called, messaged, and stalked her on social media. She just ignored me.However, that night, on the eve of her birthday, Zara messaged me. She called me over, like old times, to her hostel room 105. I shouldn’t have gone, but I did… and my life changed forever.This is not a love story. It is an unlove story.

From the author of Five Point Someone and 2 States, comes a fast-paced, funny and unputdownable thriller about obsessive love and finding purpose in life against the backdrop of contemporary India.

About the Author:

Chetan Bhagat is the author of nine blockbuster books. These include seven novels—Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020(2011), Half Girlfriend (2014) and One Indian Girl (2016)—and the non-fiction titles What Young India Wants (2012) and Making India Awesome (2015).

Chetan’s books have remained bestsellers since their release. Several of his novels have been adapted into successful Bollywood films.The New York Times called him the ‘the biggest-selling English language novelist in India’s history’.

Time magazine named him amongst the ‘100 most influential people in the world’, and Fast Company, USA, listed him as one of the world’s ‘100 most creative people in business’.

Chetan writes columns for leading English and Hindi newspapers, focusing on youth and national development issues. He is also a motivational speaker and screenplay writer.

Chetan quit his international investment banking career in 2009 to devote his entire time to writing and make change happen in the country. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anusha, an ex-classmate from IIM-A, and his twin boys, Shyam and Ishaan.

A Great Thriller book to read, buy and enjoy it.  The Girl in Room 105


Other best books of Chetan Bhagat.  Best of Chetan Bhagat



All you should know about 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA!

Do you know that the whole world gets united with a single event and that too even soon, any guess?

No doubt, undeniably that is an event of FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018!

This is incredible event scheduled to start from 14th June 2018 onwards and end up on 15th July 2018. Almost 32 countries are presented in this FIFA WORLD CUP and definitely you never afford miss this superb event.  More or less all countries are colossal football team and head-on in this event and eventually the whole event is set for a very modern clash of the titans!

Every players of the country have their unique talent and in turn they have their splendid fans to support them.

FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018 – Match Schedule!




Saudi Arabia





















Costa Rica






Korea Republic













Luzhniki Stadium

Otkritie Arena


Krestovsky Stadium


Kaliningrad Stadium


Volgograd Arena

Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod Stadium


Ekaterinburg Arena


Fisht Olympic Stadium


Rostov Arena


Mordovia Arena


Cosmos Arena


Kazan Arena


Thursday, June 14: Russia v Saudi Arabia (Luzhniki)

Friday, June 15: Egypt v Uruguay (Ekaterinburg)

Friday, June 15: Morocco v Iran (St Petersburg)

Friday, June 15: Portugal v Spain (Sochi)

Saturday, June 16: France v Australia (Kazan)

Saturday, June 16: Argentina v Iceland (Spartak)

Saturday, June 16: Peru v Denmark (Saransk)

Saturday, June 16: Croatia v Nigeria (Kaliningrad)

Sunday, June 17: Costa Rica v Serbia (Samara)

Sunday, June 17: Germany v Mexico (Luzhniki)

Sunday, June 17: Brazil v Switzerland (Rostov-on-Don)

Monday, June 18: Sweden v Korea Republic (Nizhny Novgorod)

Monday, June 18: Belgium v Panama (Sochi)

Monday, June 18: Tunisia v England (Volgograd)

Tuesday, June 19: Poland v Senegal (Spartak)

Tuesday, June 19: Colombia v Japan (Saransk)

Tuesday, June 19: Russia v Egypt (St Petersburg)

Wednesday, June 20: Portugal v Morocco (Luzhniki)

Wednesday, June 20: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Rostov-on-Don)

Wednesday, June 20: Iran v Spain (Kazan)

Thursday, June 21: France v Peru (Ekaterinburg)

Thursday, June 21: Denmark v Australia (Samara)

Thursday, June 21: Argentina v Croatia (Nizhny Novgorod)

Friday, June 22: Brazil v Costa Rica (St Petersburg)

Friday, June 22: Nigeria v Iceland (Volgograd)

Friday, June 22: Serbia v Switzerland (Kaliningrad)

Saturday, June 23: Belgium v Tunisia (Spartak)

Saturday, June 23: Germany v Sweden (Sochi)

Saturday, June 23: Korea Republic v Mexico (Rostov-on-Don)

Sunday, June 24: England v Panama (Nizhny Novgorod)

Sunday, June 24: Japan v Senegal (Ekaterinburg)

Sunday, June 24: Poland v Colombia (Kazan)

Monday, June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Samara)

Monday, June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Volgograd)

Monday, June 25: Spain v Morocco (Kaliningrad)

Monday, June 25: Iran v Portugal (Saransk)

Tuesday, June 26: Denmark v France (Luzhniki)

Tuesday, June 26: Australia v Peru (Sochi)

Tuesday, June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (St Petersburg)

Tuesday, June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Rostov-on-Don)

Wednesday, June 27: Korea Republic v Germany (Kazan)

Wednesday, June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Ekaterinburg)

Wednesday, June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Spartak)

Wednesday, June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Nizhny Novgorod)

Thursday, June 28: Japan v Poland (Volgograd)

Thursday, June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Samara)

Thursday, June 28: England v Belgium (Kaliningrad)

Thursday, June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Saransk)

Thursday, June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Saransk)

Rounds of 16 FIFA World cup 2018

Saturday 30 June

30 JUN 2018 – 17:00 Local time


Kazan Arena





30 JUN 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Fisht Stadium





Sunday 01 July

01 JUL 2018 – 17:00 Local time


Luzhniki Stadium





01 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Nizhny Novgorod




Monday 02 July

02 JUL 2018 – 18:00 Local time


Samara Arena





02 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Rostov Arena





Tuesday 03 July

03 JUL 2018 – 17:00 Local time


Saint Petersburg Stadium

Saint Petersburg




03 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Spartak Stadium






Friday 06 July

06 JUL 2018 – 17:00 Local time


Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Nizhny Novgorod




06 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Kazan Arena





Saturday 07 July

07 JUL 2018 – 18:00 Local time


Samara Arena





07 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Fisht Stadium






Tuesday 10 July

10 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Saint Petersburg Stadium

Saint Petersburg




Wednesday 11 July

Change to your time

11 JUL 2018 – 21:00 Local time


Luzhniki Stadium






Saturday 14 July

Change to your time

14 JUL 2018 – 17:00 Local time


Saint Petersburg Stadium

Saint Petersburg





Sunday 15 July

Change to your time

15 JUL 2018 – 18:00 Local time


Luzhniki Stadium




Due to this spectacular world cup event, Hotels in Russia are increasing the prices by up to 17k % to avail the lead of the football fans for this summer’s World Cup!

In fact, most of the Travel Agency, Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies are taking advantage of incredible inflows of the football fans and offering the tailor made packages.

On top of that, Online Travel Booking portal offering the best hotel deals and cheapest flight offers.

For example, one of the fastest growing online travel portal is offering the best flight deals from from Sydney to Moscow

Hotels in Moscow

Hotels near Luzhniki Stadium

Hotels near Otkritie Arena

Hotels in Saint_Petersburg

Hotels near Krestovsky Stadium

Hotels in Kaliningrad

Hotels near Kaliningrad Stadium

Hotels in Volgograd

Hotels near Volgograd Arena

Hotels in Nizhny Novgorod

Hotels near Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Hotels in Yekaterinburg

Hotels near Ekaterinburg Arena

Hotels in Sochi

Hotels near Fisht Olympic Stadium

Hotels in Rostov-on-Don

Hotels near Rostov Arena

Hotels in Saransk

Hotels near Mordovia Arena

Hotels in Samara

Hotels near Cosmos Arena

Hotels in Kazan

Hotels near Kazan Arena

Don’t miss the spectacular event of FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018!

Book all your travel needs for FIFA World cup 2018 before it gets completely, sold out!

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Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player!

What is Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional language movies, TV episodes, voice search that actually works, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Eros Now, Gaana, music, games and more.


How to Set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Never miss an episode when you’re away from home. Amazon Fire TV Stick works with any HDTV so you can take it over to a friend’s house or bring it along to hotels. Just plug and play anywhere—all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.Some content is not available in all countries.


What are the features of Amazon Fire TV Stick?

With Firefox and Silk web browser on Fire TV, the entire world wide web is now at your fingertips. You can now access all your favorite web content on the big screen including sports, news, TV shows, movies, social news and web videos. To access YouTube, download the Firefox or Silk full web browsers for free today. You can even use your Fire TV Stick remote buttons to easily search, navigate, and play, pause, and fast forward web videos. To download one of these apps, simply search for “Firefox” or “Silk” using your remote.

Firefox and Silk browser. Now available.

What can you do with it?

1. It comes with a non infra-red voice remote which is simple but powerful , you will not need tv remote to change the initial connection from TV to HDMI, just press any button on remote and you are ready to go.
2. You can install apps from built in Amazon app store.
3. There are plenty of good apps avaliable like hotstar, Amazon prime video, YouTube, JioCinema, Netflix and many more.

4. You can install third party app also like web browser but you have to be a little techy for doing the same. Watch any YouTube tutorial for installing a web browser. ( Now Firefox browser is available on app store)

5. You can control everything by remote given as well as by your mobile by downloading fire tv remote app. Controlling fire stick via mobile a lovely thing, because you can also type via your mobile keyboard otherwise you have to use on screen keyboard.
6. You can mirror you mobile screen and Windows 10 laptop to tv. So with fire stick just forget about any wired connection. You read it right, you can mirror your laptop too. For doing so press home button for about 2 seconds and open screen mirroring screen in fire TV and then open screen mirroring in your mobile or laptop.
7. Don’t worry about how to operate it, it will gives you various tips on 1st time startup.
8. During screen mirroring, you can press any button on remote to exit the mirroring.
9. You can connect it to any wifi or wifi hotspot just like you do in mobile via it’s setting menu.
10. Unfortunately you will need a high speed at least 512 KBps connection to watch videos in full HD. But with JIO you can manage with it.


  • Connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to your HDTV and start streaming movies, TV shows and songs from Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Gaana and many more services. Subscription fees may apply.
  • Easy to setup and use: Pre-registered to your Amazon account so you can just plug it in to your HDTV and enjoy favourite titles and personalized recommendations.
  • Massive Selection: Get access to thousands of Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional language movies and TV episodes, songs and games.
  • Perfect with Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to Amazon Prime Video, featuring thousands of Bollywood and regional blockbusters, Hollywood movies, US TV shows, award winning Amazon Originals and kids’ shows at no additional cost.
  • Voice Search that really works: Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with a voice remote. Simply press the voice button and say the name of the Amazon Prime Video title you want to watch and start enjoying in seconds.
  • Take your TV with you: Bring your favourite shows and movies with you when you travel. Plug Fire TV stick into any TV’s HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi and continue watching. Some content not available in all countries.



  1. It Supports various apps like JioCinema, Netflix, SonyLIV, Youtube, Amazon Prime VIDEO, Hotstar and the list goes on. You can install/uninstall apps.
  2. it have a lovely and durable remote with it but who need it because you can control the stick via your mobile.
  3. You can mirror your laptop and mobile with it fulfils the purpose of chromecast.
  4. You can use it’s voice function, just say any movie name, actor name and it will show you everything. It works for 90% of case.
  5. Good Dolby digital sound, and I paired it with Sony 5.1 home system and it gives a great experience.
  6. As already told, it can wake up the TV if you press any button on it. So Need of external TV remote everytime.
  7. It gives us an option to use screen saver like we see in shopping mall and believe me these screen savers are great. Sometimes you will just leave it idle to see the screen savers.
  8. Watching Movies in amazon prime videos is a joy, because it shows X-ray of nay movie. You can read actor name, jump to specific scenes, music etc.


  1. Many one says that set up process in not easy, but believe me it’s easy. Just follow instructions I gave, and instructions on tv screen.
  2. It always run on highest quality, you will not get an option to watch videos at 480p if you want to save your data. (however if your connection speed it slow it will run on 480p or lower)
  3. If you switched to cable connection or say Tata sky, it don’t get automatically turned off, thus it will consume your data. So end every task before making a switch.

4. While mirroring, some videos have lags, you will feel like you are watching videos in slow motion. That’s why I deducted 1 star.
5. The remote don’t have any volume button.
6. I can’t find anymore, except now I have 5 remotes in total.



Here’s the best 6 Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend!

Numerous people indulge with the best romantic day of the year with gifts, candys, flowers, romantic nights, etc., but can you know what is  Valentine’s Day, how did it begins, what is the history of Valentine’ day?


What is Valentine’s Day all about?

Every year on the day of 14th February, So many people celebrate their love with their partner by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants or romantic nights in hotels.

Valentine’s Day means a special day to prove your romance with your romantic lover. But don’t get worried because you have to impress, just show your lover that you care with a gift that will send Cupid’s arrow straight through her heart.


What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day otherwise called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. Originating as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day is now recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Several martyrdom stories associated with the various Valentines that were connected to February 14 were added to later martyrologies including a popular hagiographical account of Saint Valentine of Rome which indicated he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to legend, during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius and before his execution, he wrote her a letter signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell.

The day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th-century England, it evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). In Europe, Saint Valentine’s Keys are given to lovers “as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver’s heart”, as well as to children, in order to ward off epilepsy (called Saint Valentine’s Malady). Valentine’s Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards.


Why Valentine’s Day is so special?

Valentine’s Day means a get together of lovers. They come together to celebrate the essence of love and romance with some attractive gifts for each other which certainly keeps their moods at an all-time high. Being the number one choice of all customers worldwide, we are also not lagging behind in presenting some of the great gifting ideas to woo the heart of your lovers. For your sweet and cute girlfriend, you can get the latest sky lantern that is our specialty this year. You would get that in many beautiful colors and designs in this lantern. Apart from that the usual flower bouquets, chocolate boxes, and teddy bears are also there ready for you.


How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

People who would like to have a romantic relationship with someone may use this time to make this known, often secretly. Many restaurants and hotels have special offers at this time. These can include romantic meals or weekend breaks. Valentine’s Day hold more meaning to married couples because they have moved a notch higher in their love chart by tying the knot  all time with each other.

So, if you love your girlfriend, you’ve got to get her something special for this Valentine’s Day. is in it?


Here’s  is the perfect 6 Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend.

1. ANVI Jewellers Valentines Day Special Love Ring for Girl and Loved Ones Best Gift

ANVI Jewellers Valentines Day Special Love Ring for Girl and Loved Ones Best Gift

2. Azora Luxurious Jewellery Necklace Made With Swarovski Crystal Drop Shape Jewelry for Women Valentine’s Day Gift

3. ANVI Jewellers Valentines Day Special Love Ring for Girl and Loved Ones Best Gift

ANVI Jewellers Valentines Day Special Love Ring for Girl and Loved Ones Best Gift

4. Valentine’s Day Gift Blue Ocean Heart Shape Pendent Made With Swarovski Crystal Necklace Jewellery for Women




5. ANVI Jewellers Valentines Day Special Love Ring for Girl and Loved Ones Best Gift

6. ANVI Jewellers Valentines Day Special Love Ring for Girl and Loved Ones Best Gift

Lets’s Start to buy now a perfect gift for your girlfriend on this valentine’s day!

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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

The Reason Why Everyone Love “Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale”!

“Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale” is once again back to this Festival Season. It is well organized to start from 20th September 2017 For Prime Members.  Amazon Upcoming Sale Will offer Great Festive Deals on Mobiles, Electronics, Laptops, Home Products and Much More.


No doubt, Amazon Great Indian Festival Will bring you the Best Offers Of the year. So this festival season get Yourself free to grab the best discounts with great offers on Mobile Phones, Home & Kitchen, Large Appliances, Books and Fashion. With fantastic discounts on a vast selection, this is a wonderful time for you to buy and enjoy heavy discounts on these products from


Let’s get little brief into “Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale”:

Home Shopping Spree:

  • Up to 70% Off on Home and Décor

  • Up to 60% off on Furniture

  • Up to 50% off on Kitchen & Dining

  • Up to 30% off on Washing Machines

  • Up to 50% off on Kitchen & Home Appliances

  • Up to 50% off on Garden & Outdoors

  • Up to 50% off on Safety & Power tools

  • Up to 50% off on Tools & Home Improvement

  • Television     Up to 40% off

  • Laptops        Upto 20% Off

  • Headphones  upto 60% off

  • Speakers       upto 50% off

  • Storage        Upto 50% off

  • Printers        Upto 35% off Printers & Ink

  • Networking   Upto 60% Off

  • Cameras & Accessories      55% off on cameras and accessories

  • Tablets         Upto 45% Off

  • PC accessories        upto 60% off on PC Accessories

  • Wearable devices     upto 40% off

  • Desktops&Monitors Upto 20% Off

  • Office Products        Upto 40% Off on Office and Stationery

  • Musical Instruments Up to 50% off

  • Mobiles         Up to 40% off

  • Mobile Accessroies   Up to 80% off


  • PUMA: 40% – 60% off

  • Adidas: Min 40%

  • Reebok: Min 40%

  • Clarks: Min 50%

  • Bata: Min 40%

  • Red Tape: Min 60%

  • Woodland: Min 30%

  • Red Chief: Min 50%

  • UCB: Min 40%

  • Vans: Min 40%

  • DC: Min 40% off

  • New Balance: Up to 45%

  • Franco Leone: Flat 60%

  • Liberty : Min 40%

  • Lee Cooper: Min 40%

  • Alberto Toressi: Min 50% Off

  • Fila: 30%-60% Off

  • Skechers: Min 30%

  • Asics: Upto 40% Off

  • Lotto: Min 55% Off

  • Levis: Min 40% Off

  • Sparx: Upto 30%

  • Crocs: 45% – 65% Off

  • Carlton London: Min 50%

  • Converse: Min 30% Off

  • Hush Puppies: Min 40%


Vivo V7+ at INR 21,990/- :  5% cashback on HDFC Debit & Credit cards – Pre-book offer

OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 : INR 2000 cashback on Axis Bank Credit & Debit cards | Extra 2000 OFF on Exchange | No Cost EMI

Beauty : 10% cashback using Amazon Pay balance | Offer live till 19-Sept

During Amazon Great Indian Sale You Will get Additional 10% Cashback With HDFC Bank Debit/credit Cards And Amazon Pay Balance. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Dates Are to 21st-24th September. Prime Members will get an early access To Amazon Great Indian Festival On 20th September 12 PM Onwards.

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“Cheapest Treadmill” explained in fewer than 550 words!

A Fantastic Manual Treadmill with cheapest price!

Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill!

Best features of the product:

  • Ideal In Strengthening Leg Muscles

  • Twister Helps To Slim The Thighs, Waist And Hips

  • 3 Level Manual Incline

  • Weight: 50Kgs

  • Fold-able and easy-to-store

  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg

  • Product has to be assembled using an installation manual

  • Helps tone your abs and leg muscles

  • Supports different modes

User-friendly dashboard with electronic metre

Bring home the 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill which has a user-friendly dashboard with an electronic metre display. The electronic metre has pre-installed functions like speed, distance, calories, time and pulse which lets you monitor your workout and health with finesse.

Flaunts a wider jogging surface

The 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill from Lifeline flaunts a wide and longe jogging surface. The extra space facilitates the scope of easy leg movement without worries of unwanted space shortage. Now, you can easily run or jog on the treadmill without fears of space issues.

Description for Lifeline 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill

Beautiful console displayspeed, distance, calories, time and pulse. Stepper is perfect in improving heart & circulatory function and ideal in strengthening leg muscles. Twister helps to slim the thighs, waist and hips.3 level manual incline. Foldable easy to store & wheels for easy portability. Hand Pulse System. • Product has to be assembled using a installation manual provided in the package. youTube Installation video link can be provided on demand. We do not provide onsite installation services. In metro and in major cities we can connect you to the 3rd party technician who provides installation on chargeable basis.

4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill by Lifeline – Experience all-round fitness

Bring home the 4 in 1 Deluxe Manual Treadmill from Lifeline to experience an all-round fitness regime. The dynamic treadmill includes a stepper and a twister which helps you to tone your abs and leg muscles with panache. The dashboard flaunts an electronic display which includes speed, distance, calories, time and pulse. The portable treadmill has wheels attached to its bottom, enhancing easy transportability to different rooms. Also, the treadmill boasts of a wider jogging area which allows you more leg movement.


A twister to tone your muscles

The state-of-the-art treadmill from Lifeline boasts of a well-balanced twister. Post workout, simply step on the twister and hold the front handle and twist your upper and lower part of your body. The twister aids in toning your arms, legs and thighs in a relaxed manner.

Hand pulse system monitors pulse rate

The 4 in 1 Manual Treadmill has the hand pulse sensor built into the device which can help you determine your heart rate. Pulse sensors, also called heart rate sensors, find your pulse through the skin of your hands. Turning on the treadmill allows you to check your heart rate instantly, giving you an idea of your heart rate while resting.

A smart stepper to strengthen leg muscles

The 4 in 1 Manual Treadmill serves as your ultimate fitness companion. It includes a stepper which helps you to tone your leg muscles. Just step on the stepper and hold the side handle bars and push and pull your legs in a continuous up-and-down motion to help improve blood circulation and tone your leg muscles.

No doubt,  a cheapest product with great attractive features!

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