Marketing is a Magic word!



Marketing is a Magic word!

Marketing is an act of creativity; it produces a birth of new markets to find to sell our valuable product.

Marketing paves a way to find the best platform of the customer requirements and their satisfaction, selling any product could not possible without that platform. Marketing mainly emphases the needs of the customers and satisfying the customer necessities.

Needless to say that customer remains the main element of any marketing activities. Marketing is the process of planned and managed. Best marketing is the most vital ingredient for any business success. There is enormous number of marketing process but each concept has its own philosophy of dealing the customers and achieving the business sales.

Marketing paves the way to retain the customers by providing their best needs and gaining the confidence in order to sustain the product and their long lasting relationship.

Anyone could market anything; a wide variety of products marketed, it can be listed as goods, services, events, experiences, persons, ideas, information, organizations, properties, personal branding, places and more… Typically, it is the process of creating; promoting, delivering, honoring customer needs and so on.

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to overlook the term of “Marketing Mix”. Marketing Mix is the powerful and strategy tool to review and define the key aspects of any business.  The mix consists of seven P’s i.e. Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.

To concludes, Marketing is a process of creativity which generates sales, revenues, consumers, products, services, customer relationship, product innovations, value creation, production efficiency and more…


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