#I love this book – Radical Beauty!

“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts –    Martin Buxbaum”

Bible clearly says about beauty and appearance, as follows…

“You are created in the image of God, and God doesn’t make junk! Like a snowflake, every person is unique. No two are the same. God sees you as a masterpiece; and when you look in the mirror, He wants you to “know that full well.” Try this beauty tip: Every morning when you look in the mirror, say Psalm 139:14 and smile. You might even tape the verse on your mirror as a reminder!”

You can talk more about the basics and nourishment’s of the spirituality and its beauties. You need explore and experience the hidden beauty inside you; otherwise you will never be in peace mentally and emotionally

It’s always the cheeriest people that are the loveliest people to me. I firmly believe that it doesn’t matter how much or little you have, its how you view your life more attractive.

Even though if you faces any grievances in a particular day, the more  you deal the scenario with the positive way then you will be happy from inside, its totally happiness that comes from your inner side. You need smile always so that inner world makes you a wonderful person.

To understand the inner beauties, I suggest you that you need to read more books about the life and its happiness and the best books, to be precise “Radical Beauty” is one of my favorite book for your inner beauty!

Feel more beautiful, healthy, and energized than you have in years! Now, a revolutionary new way of helping you realize the true beauty that is your birthright!

I would like to share some of its pillars from this book, which form the foundation of Radical beauty:

PILLAR 1: INTERNAL NOURISHMENT. “The way that you eat is a critical factor in determining the vitality of your beauty.”
* PILLAR 2: EXTERNAL NOURISHMENT. We see here the “most effective ingredients to apply directly to your skin.”
* PILLAR 3: PEAK BEAUTY SLEEP. “Proper sleep enables your blood to flow more efficiently to your skin, which is important for supporting your skin to heal itself daily.”
* PILLAR 4: PRIMAL BEAUTY. “Learn how to align your energy with the larger natural rhythms of nature by shifting your daily patterns in accordance with the solar and lunar cycles and the seasons.”
* PILLAR 5: BEAUTIFUL MOVEMENT. See the “best ways to move your body to promote natural grace…”
* PILLAR 6: SPIRITUAL BEAUTY. Learn “all about how self-love, heart-based living, and a peaceful mind foster natural beauty from the inside out and increase your natural glow and magnetic presence.”

Start to read the book and enjoy every moment of life! Don’t delay!!








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