# My Best favorite book“ONE INDIAN GIRL”!

One of the best books, I ever read and too about the feminism, that is “ONE INDIAN GIRL”

I just wanted to take a few minutes to try and convince everyone to read this book because this is my one my best favorite book.

To be brief, “One Indian Girl” book is about an Indian girl who is clever and successful, because of which she finds it difficult to get love. It is the story of Radhika Mehta, a worker at the Distressed Debt group of Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. While in Goa for arranged marriage with Brijesh Gulati, she is contacted by 2 of her ex-boyfriends, Debashish and Neel; both ask her to elope with them, respectively. Radhika must choose between the 3 of them and must come to terms with her past in New York and Hong Kong, while also maintaining her good, nerdy girl persona for her family’s image.

This book could achieve the hopes to question society, which judges women achievers. It asks why when it comes to love; being intelligent and too successful is almost a drawback for women.

This is, without a doubt, the most well-written, most intense, most incredibly beautiful, and heart wrenching yet heartwarming story of an intelligent and successful Indian girl and ever told !

To deeply review, Chetan bhagat has got the apprehensions of his readers, every time he writes it makes us read even more. He has written yet another blockbuster and pinned it completely. The story has been written from a girl’s viewpoint and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s written by him. It’s a complete masala for bollywood type movies and you will split apart pages to finish it shortly. The story is an unlike typical Indian girl who does break clichés of society by doing whatever she wants to and proves to the world the juggernaut of a working and successful women who struggles to choose between various suitors due to her success in professional world and proves she could win over anyone in the end. The highlight is pretty much different and unlike happy ending is happy again but not the usual way, it’s different for sure. Yes it will thrill you if you have liked his previous books you will love this book too, go and grab a copy its worth reading each page!

Also, start by saying that the four star rating is for the ‘humanist’ (read feminist) portrayal of women and not for the writing or even the story. The writing is similar to all previous Chetan Bhagat novels. Criticize him all you want but he is the man who is responsible for a lot of teenagers reading English novels today.

The story is quite realistic and again, like his previous ventures is a clear runner for a Bollywood masala movie. I could hear the songs in the background while reading it.

Nevertheless, writing from a women’s perspective is not an easy task for a man. It has been done in quite a subtle and accurate manner. Even though the end is quite predictable, the message is powerful.

Out of all the books I’ve ever read, no story has ever affected me as deeply as this one. I can’t honestly remember ever going through as strongly EMOTIONAL a reading experience.

Let’s start reading “ONE INDIAN GIRL”



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