Best Ice cream maker for Ice Cream lovers and addicter!

Love ice cream. I let myself have that about once a week, Vanilla – Tim Tebow!

Being married means I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed – Brad Pitt!

That was the best ice cream soda I ever tasted – Lou Costello!

There are millions of quotes about the ice cream and ice cream lovers are always eagerly waiting to taste a bit of last part of melted ice cream and enjoys its fascinating experience!

It would be highly overjoyed element for ice cream lovers and no wonders that I would like to share great information about the ice cream and its product.

I understand by guess, that your mind is wandering like a butterfly to hear the information about the Ice Cream and your levels of curiosity are more! Am I right?

OK! Ok!! Patience please!!!

No more surprise, it’s about “A magnificent Ice cream maker” from Cuisinart!

Cuisinart ICE-21R Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker – Red


#New mixing paddle makes frozen desserts and drinks in 20 minutes or less

#Large capacity makes up to 1-1/2-quarts

#Double insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for ice

#Easy lock transparent lid with large spout makes adding ingredients simple and mess free

#Fully automatic with large ingredient spout for adding ingredients

Product details

Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 26 x 38.1 cm ; 4.4 Kg

Item model number: ICE-21R

Product Description

Color Name:Red

From the Manufacturer Easy-lock lid. Mixing paddle. Double-insulated freezer bowl. Heavy-duty motor. Frozen treats in 20 minutes or less. Frozen Favorites in Minutes



A best product and its best reviews for your quick reference!

The Cuisinart ICE-21 is easy to use and makes very good ice cream. In my use, prior to pouring the unfrozen ice cream mixture into the ice maker’s freezer bowl for churning, I cool it in an ice bath to 45 degrees and then churn until it is the right consistency. This means a lot of ice in a water bath and then a mixing bowl floated on top. A lot of ice, especially if you are making custard based ice creams that come off the stove. This helps get a more frozen final product. 45 degrees is the magic number.

Once you pull the frozen mixing bowl out of the freezer, use it immediately! Don’t let it sit out on the counter while you turn your attention to other things.
Add anything with alcohol in the last couple of minutes, including any flavorings. The alcohol content can reduce the freezing point of the mixture and you will end up with a sloppy mess. Make sure to read the ingredients of everything you use, just in case!
Chill the ice cream mixture for several hours before pouring it into the mixer.

Cuisinart Ice cream maker works flawlessly! It is hard to find error with this product. It usually takes only 15 minutes to make. Then we put into the freezer in a new container to really firm up more. If you don’t immediately remove from the maker, it will be hard if not impossible to remove the ice cream until you wait for everything to warm up for cleaning.

I love my ice cream maker. It works great and takes very little time. It allows you to make ice cream that has no corn syrup. Also, if you pour hot coffee in it, it chills it into ice coffee very quickly. Make sure ingredients are really cold. Don’t cook the custard and put into the maker and expect it to work. Instead cook the ingredients hours ahead (even the day before) and allow to get cold in the refrigerator.


The machine is super easy to use and really low-tech. It’s just a base with a motor that turns your bowl. Since the bowl is frozen, the churning cause’s air to whip into the cream/soup base as it slowly freezes and becomes ice cream. The machine is a little bit loud, but not anything terrible or intolerable. The only annoying thing is that the power cord is really short (maybe like 2 feet long).

My hubby and I have used this twice so far, once for plain vanilla ice cream and once for raspberry sorbet. It came out pretty great both times – and those are just using the recipe booklet included with the maker!

Both times we made sure to freeze the canister overnight before trying to make anything, and have found that the ice cream doesn’t harden too much when you put it in the freezer, so it remains smooth and easy to scoop. You may want to put the ice cream in the freezer right after making it for a half hour to an hour, because it’s a smidge melty. But even if you’re anxious to just eat it without chilling it, you won’t be disappointed.

The bucket part of the ice cream maker went into the freezer as soon as It arrived. 24 hours later: Now, I just started a diet four days earlier.. But I want to try out this machine. I got a great idea; to put a diet replacement vanilla shake in, with a little rum flavoring, a few raisins, and really, I had my doubts. Wow! What a surprise. In 25 minutes, this little machine turned out an ice cream to rival Hagen Daz. The liquid expands as it freezes so it looked like I had two cups of a guilt free frozen treat . Let me tell you; that bucket goes back in the freezer and back out every 24 hours. I am soo glad I ordered it.


There are lots of best reviews about this products, it’s totally an amazing product with a reasonable price structure!

I could say that this product is the best choice of all ice cream lovers, it not only a best product and its price is very cheap to afford anybody.

Let’s try to taste a ice cream with this fantastic ice cream maker.



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