Journal writing!

Journal writing is a self-image!

Writing journal is a fabulous feeling of writing of your own experience. Having a practice of writing your own experience on daily basis shall ensure to reflect your daily learning once again!

Writing journal provides a sophisticated pathway to gain your knowledge by your past experience and will clear the entire hurdle to follow your own future growth. In fact you always have a wide coverage by review your journal whether you have had a bad experience or good experience. It is an idle track to focus your intents and long-term vision, without any oversight to accomplish your objectives and goals.

Indeed, Journal is not something writing your day-to-day happenings, it is also writing your valuable ideas, thoughts, life purposes, human connection and more… Your day to day writing of your own shall influence a lot in your life whether by knowing it and not.

Writing Journal shall be a self-learning process and endorses of your expertise, exposure and valuable life learning. Needless to say, it acts as a catalyst for your self-esteem and self-development and in turn you could implement your self-knowledge and cherished experience in the coming future.

It is more effective, if you could overview of your journal on daily basis, that is you need to review the whole day journal before your day ends, so that all your day activities and day happenings shall be registered in your mind and get absorbed by your mind, so that you could start your next day with a fresh mind and start doing the journal writing with a renewed feelings.

To conclude, writing your daily activities, happenings, thoughts, ideas and human connection shall be more effective, vibrant and profound experience of your own and it shall reflect in your new endeavors and accomplishments. It is a virtue of your own self-confidence and personal growth.

So, No more wait! Start journal writing!! Right now!!!


Habit of Savings!

untitled111“Savings” is a powerful word, Once your hear this word You ( I) feels a goose bump in our body! Right!!

Savings is a daily habit which is applicable for all age people which irrespective of any ages or time element for your savings. Saving should be a daily ritual and you need to plan your amount to save and should have a little financial knowledge so that you can target and achieve your saving goals accordingly.

Indeed, savings is a sophisticated process and it shall make sure you, not to frighten for the financial obligations for your near future, if you planned and well systematizes the process of your savings amount. It is advisable to teach the savings habit for your children and so that they can understand the value of the money and its impact!

In addition, savings creates a road map for your investment and paves a way for your long term investment plan. Saving fund shall be utilized for any financial needs of your home renovation, child education, debts or even for any valuable investments like stocks, bonds, fund certificate etc.,

To conclude, Savings leads a significant source of your life requirements and it fulfills your long term personal goals so that you can enjoy a platform to flow your life smoothly, without any financial burden.

So, what for you waiting… just start the saving habit… RIGHT NOW!

My Favorite 5 books!

My Favorite 5 books!

Books are the gift of our life; valuable books enrich our mind and create a soothing effect of our mind!

Books are stress reliever; it exercises our mind and feed our mind to extend our potentiality to the maximum level. Nowadays, Reading a book is highly important for life, it is not only good for our mind and also for our health & body related factors! Once we starts to read a book,  Our mind will completely calm down and get in to the mode of relaxation and get rid of our mind from our daily stress and it totally infuses a peace within you.

Books energies our mental capability, make us to understand the abundant potential of the humanity and nurtures the civilization among with us.

Reading a book should be your daily habit, at least for 30 minutes, we should not avoid the practice of reading book, for any circumstances. It should be your daily rituals, very specially reading a book in the early morning, will create a magic in your life.

I involve in the process of reading books every day at least for 1 hour, i have a selected list of books, and I chose to read mostly the self-help books. Although I used to read all self-development books, but I do have my favorite books. Indeed, it’s my pleasure to share it with you.

The list of my favorite 5 books..

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. Think Rich and Grow Rich
  3. The monk who sold his Ferrari
  4. The Magic of Thinking Big
  5. The power of your subconscious mind

Hope you will enjoy reading my favorite books!

Thanks for providing me an opportunity to share with you… let’s develop a reading habit…



Marketing is a Magic word!

Marketing is an act of creativity; it produces a birth of new markets to find to sell our valuable product.

Marketing paves a way to find the best platform of the customer requirements and their satisfaction, selling any product could not possible without that platform. Marketing mainly emphases the needs of the customers and satisfying the customer necessities.

Needless to say that customer remains the main element of any marketing activities. Marketing is the process of planned and managed. Best marketing is the most vital ingredient for any business success. There is enormous number of marketing process but each concept has its own philosophy of dealing the customers and achieving the business sales.

Marketing paves the way to retain the customers by providing their best needs and gaining the confidence in order to sustain the product and their long lasting relationship.

Anyone could market anything; a wide variety of products marketed, it can be listed as goods, services, events, experiences, persons, ideas, information, organizations, properties, personal branding, places and more… Typically, it is the process of creating; promoting, delivering, honoring customer needs and so on.

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to overlook the term of “Marketing Mix”. Marketing Mix is the powerful and strategy tool to review and define the key aspects of any business.  The mix consists of seven P’s i.e. Product, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence.

To concludes, Marketing is a process of creativity which generates sales, revenues, consumers, products, services, customer relationship, product innovations, value creation, production efficiency and more…

Hotel Front Office – Fascinating Experience!

My Hotel Front Office Job!

My job in Front office created a great career in the Hotel industry, it provides a vital exposure in dealing with the guests who comes from different walks of life. It provided me an opportunity to learn more about the Hotel Industry to serve with a great energy and handling their services in a Diplomatic and Professional way!

My knowledge!

I developed the skills of speaking different Indian languages very fluently by speaking with my guests everyday, even i went to the extend of learning international language by communicating with different country’s guests.

I firmly believe that once you understands their local language, you could provide the best services at all times without any hindrance.

My Exceptional service!

Starting from welcoming the guest as a ambassador of the Hotel at reception and providing the best services till they checks out from the Hotel, is a major responsibility for me. As a Front Office Manager, i personally check in all the guests and maintain the guest relations with them and make sure to have a comfortable and wonderful stay with us. Its my pleasure to render the exceptional services.

My Proud!

I really proud of being in front office by dealing with the enormous number of guests who checking in for a leisure, business or any other travel purpose. Servicing the guests with proud is an emotional professionalism.

My Gratitude

A letter of  gratitude to the Hotel guests, plays an vital role for the revenue materialization of Hotel industry which is irrespective of any length of their stays!

Once gratitude extends, Repeated / Regular guests will occur automatically, so i am well verse in sending thank you letter for their stay and patronizing  our Hotel, created a huge volume of business at our Hotel. As a matter of fact, due to these regular guests overwhelming responses, I felt very difficult to confirm any new guest room stay with us, for a certain extent of period! needless to say that our hotel was completely chockablock and running full room occupancy always!!

Of Course, My Gratitude is My Magic!!

My Curiosity !

I am madly interested to know more about the Front office and it creates the passage to extend my limit to the extent of developing my job knowledge in other department as well…

My power of Curiosity develops my skills not only in Front office and also in the whole Hotel industry. I understands the departmental job activities by one by one, like initially starting from Front Office, Housekeeping, Sales, marketing, Public relations and so on…

Naturally! My Job!! My Pleasure!!!